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Everyone knows a beautiful yard when they see it. Conversely, it's obvious when too little forethought goes into landscape design. That's why the professionals at Heinz Nurseries want to help you make the right selections for your yard. We can direct you to plants that will thrive in varying growing conditions. With the expertise of our professional team, we can add elements like paver patios, retaining walls, flagstone pathways, fire pits, water features, or even a gazebo or pergola. With a design talent that exceeds the expectations of our clients, Heinz Nurseries knows how to turn your dreams into reality with the following services:

Getting Started

All of our design projects start with a visit to your home or office, so that you can communicate your ideas and we can assess the physical layout of your property. Combining your input and our vision, we will create your dream outdoor space. We'll assist you with plant selection and placement, as well as taking into account factors you may have overlooked, such as tree canopies, sunlight distribution, convenience, and overall functionality.


It is important to have a landscape plan when creating or changing anything in your yard. This plan can be as simple as a hand-drawn sketch. Minor landscape plans are frequently done at no charge when we are selected as your contractor. However, you may need a Master Plan for your project. This is especially helpful in new home construction. It is also very important in renovation projects, such as the addition of a pool or correction of erosion problems. At Heinz Nurseries, we can create a plan for you that takes into consideration your home's specific needs. We will present you with an itemized list of plants, sod, and mulch for your project, as well as a price for our landscape crew to do the installation. The price for the Master Plan will be determined by the complexity and scope of the project.


If you're looking for some help or suggestions, you may simply need a landscape consultation. For a small fee, you can have a landscape professional come to your home or business to help identify plants, make suggestions, and perhaps make a hand-drawn sketch of your project.


Heinz Nurseries has professional landscape personnel to install your project – from the planting of one tree, to a complete landscape and irrigation project. On larger jobs, we will give you an estimate for the cost of installation before we begin, for smaller projects such as grading or tree planting, we will work on an hourly basis.

Bring Us Your Plan!

We're not picky! If you already have a landscape plan, bring it to us and let us bid on the installation. You can also fax or email it to us.